May 5, 2023
Andre Ayoub to Lead Duval County Emergency Management
Andre Ayoub has been appointed as chief of the City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division.

Ayoub is a former police chief with 27 years of experience. He previously served as the Chief of Special Events Division where he was the primary emergency preparedness point of contact for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Ayoub will be responsible for overseeing the preparation, prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation in an all-hazards environment. The Emergency Preparedness Division responds to all types of emergencies and disasters including, but not limited to: apartment fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, gas leaks, hazardous material spills, building collapses, and flooding.

Ayoub will also oversee the Emergency Operations Center in Downtown Jacksonville. Serving as the coordination point of protective and response agencies, the Emergency Operations Center is the central location for disaster and emergency information and the central voice of government as it relates to protective actions for the public and any actions being taken to protect life, property, and to mitigate damage