September 22, 2021
JFRD Fire Station 74 is in progress.
Architectural Rendering of Fire Station 74

The shovels pierced the ground, the dirt flew, and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department officially launched construction of its 62nd fire station in late September. Located in the developing community of eTown, the station will enhance the department’s service within Jacksonville’s fast-growing Southeastern region. And, the station’s contemporary design will complement the modern architecture prevalent throughout the eTown community, which will eventually include 1,900 homes and an apartment community of approximately 300 units.


Officially known as Jacksonville’s Fire Station 74, the facility’s floor plan is 9,500 square feet and includes three bays for fire apparatus, including Engine 74, Rescue 74, and another emergency vehicle when future demand warrants. The project’s estimated completion is Spring 2022.