Elected Officials and JFRD's Interim Director/Fire Chief Keith Powers and Capt. Kenny Keene officially open Fire Station 73 on June 28.

In late June, JFRD Opened Fire Station 73 in the Cecil Commerce Center and broke ground on the site of Station 61 in Argyle/Oakleaf

JFRD's Fire Chief Retires Effective May 31.
Operations Chief Keith Powers Appointed Interim Director/Fire Chief.
Lt. Henry Carrow (center) with his Engine 2 crew Engineer Ben Pickett and Firefighter Garrett Powers

Lt. Henry Carrow Named Firefighter of the Year

Firefighters Work to Extricate a Simulated Patient During National Competition
Firefighting Team that Extricates Patients from Vehicles will Advance to World Competition
Hundreds of firefighters to participate in Nov. 15 memorial march through downtown Jacksonville.
District Chief Frank Gillis and District Chief David Squires are JFRD's Firefighters of the Year.
Director of Emergency Preparedness Steve Woodard makes introductions with members of a Japanese delegation that traveled to Jacksonville to learn about best practices in disaster management, especially hurricanes and massive flooding.
Japanese government officials, civil engineers and college professors learn about Jacksonville's response and recovery to Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Irma last year
JFRD hires largest class in recent history.

​As a contributing editor to Firehouse Magazine for three decades, Robert Burke has covered hazardous materials in depth.


The timing couldn’t have been better.

​Cullen Chalker liked his job with Delta Airlines, but he didn’t want to relocate to Atlanta to keep his job as a hydraulics mechanic. Born in Jacksonville and happy to be home from serving in World War II, the 22-year-old soon discovered an enticing option. Jacksonville’s fire department was hiring.

At the Firefighter Memorial Wall at Fire Station One

​Don’t be fooled by how shiny it is. The 3,000 pound bronze bell that is the centerpiece of the Firefighter Memorial Wall at Fire Station 1 has been around for a long time – just not always at Station 1.

Visiting Station 42’s B-shift

Melissa Bartley, a registered nurse who works for Concierge Home Care, knows how to demonstrate gratitude. So does Megan Sams, who works for VITAS Healthcare.